Robert B. and Sarah J. Loomis diaries

This digital collection contains transcripts of Robert B. Loomis' (1832-1907) diaries, as well as those of his daughter Sarah J. Loomis (1857-1907). Robert Loomis’ diaries document his business activities, personal life and historical events, most notably the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Robert Loomis lived in Washington D.C. from 1862 to 1866 and then moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where he ran his own business and was involved in church, civic, and state affairs.

The collection also includes a smaller number of diaries kept by Loomis’ daughter, Sarah J. Loomis (1857-1907), called Jennie. Born in Boston, Massachusetts Jennie moved to Washington DC at age five with her family and then to Grand Rapids in 1866. Jennie never married and spent the remainder of her life in Grand Rapids. She died in 1907.

The transcription notes provide documentation of observations and interpretations made during the transcription process.

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