Leavitt House
Leavitt House

Leavitt House


Large, square 2-story (plus ground level) building on the corner of Lyon and Ransom, built of variegated split stone. Photo is taken from the corner of the house, showing front and one side. Part of a wing attached to the other side of the house can be seen on the right-hand side of the photo. The two side windows on the main floor flank a larger arched aperture, possibly a door, although no steps can be seen due to foliage. Tree leaves hide much of the front of the house. A small wooden porch with side steps leads to the front door. The porch has a wooden railing and wooden latticework beneath. Another porch with steps accesses the wing. Three rock terraces lead up to the front lawn, which bears the sign “Private, Keep Out.”
1926 (Created)
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Morris photograph collection (Coll. 043) - Grand Rapids History Center
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