James Lowe House.
James Lowe House.

James Lowe House.


Old Lowe house at 152 N. Division opposite the Post Office. Corner view of a three-story Victorian town house of pale brick, with Mansard roof. Straight, wide cement steps with wrought iron railings lead to curved-top double front doors at the left side of the house. Above the front door is a large window. To the right, the walls curve outward, with two tall windows topped by decorative moldings on both first and second levels. There are two dormer windows in the attic; one single peaked dormer and one double window with a curved dormer over the curved section of the house. Part of the cornice is in disrepair. There is a driveway or street immediately adjacent to the house on the right side, where the corner of a parked vehicle can be seen. The side of the house is obscured by small trees in full foliage. The side wall of the house next door can be seen on the other side; very close by -- no side yard.
1930 (Created)
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Grand Rapids (depicts)
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Street address: 152 N Division Ave Grand Rapids Michigan