Ransom Luce House
Ransom Luce House

Ransom Luce House


Old Luce home (of Ransom C. and Charlotte Luce) on the corner of Jefferson and Fulton (Southeast corner). The original address was 266, now 206 E. Fulton. Torn down about 1927. Gothic cottage, corner view. The house is constructed of narrow vertical wood siding, with a center entrance underneath a columned portico, with a high-peaked dormer window. The entrance is flanked on each side by sash windows with shutters. Part of the back porch entrance can be seen behind the right side of the house. A sign is nailed to a tree in front, which appears to say “Attention; Decker and Jean, G.R. Sav. Bank Bldg. (Grand Rapids Savings Bank?).
1927 (Created)
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Street address: 206 E Fulton