Waddell Manufacturing Co
Waddell Manufacturing Co

Waddell Manufacturing Co


Waddell Manufacturing Plant just before it was torn down in 1929. Corner view of three-story building. Construction material looks like wood, but closely examined appears to be large bricks or small blocks. Regularly spaced, small-paned, sash windows appear on each floor, two with shutters. The second level entrances are accessed by wooden outside stairways. Three people are standing on the landing at the top of the front steps. On the side of the building above the other steps is painted “Factory Office Employment”. A two-story annex on the left side of the image bears the lettering “Waddell Mfg. Co.” There is a mailbox, a fire hydrant, and a fire alarm box on the street corner. There is a highway sign for U S 131 on the corner utility pole. A like-new Waddell Mfg. Co. stake rack truck is parked to the far left of the image, and a four door sedan automobile to the far right.
1929 (Created)
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