Christmas Seals Sale
Christmas Seals Sale

Christmas Seals Sale


Christmas Seals Sale for the Grand Rapids Anti-tuberculosis Society. Left to right: 1.Mrs. A. Schuiling, North Park; 2.Mrs. D. H. Houghton, Caledonia (Dr. Houghton's wife); 3.unknown 4.Mrs. Joyce Bacon, clerk 5.Mrs. Henry VanPutten, bookkeeper 6.Mrs. Belle White, Caledonia 7.Mrs. Barnes, Fairview School District 8.Mrs. Barrett, Fairview School District The photograph shows the women at a table in an office or schoolroom. Five of the women are seated at the table; one is standing to the left side operating the crank on a “Sealer, model G”. Two women stand behind the table. The table itself is piled with papers and sheets of Christmas seals. On the wall behind the women are displayed two vision charts; one with letters and the other with pictures. There is a good picture of two large Christmas seals posters that hang from the near end of the table. 1927
1927 (Created)
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